Progress Installation


I have been experimenting with floor plans and how space could be adapted instead of the scale of the object. This has led me to find floor plans of art institutions, such as the Tate Modern, and to illustrate those on the floor in order to recreate the environment. By doing this, I hope to give these recovered objects a space assigned to them that they are valued. As they appear larger within the floor plan their agency within the space is increased. I plan to do more experimentation like this, working with scale and space, and also create more tangible spaces, like rooms and buildings perhaps, and see how that alters interpretation.

Above, I experimented with the placement on the objects and, more specifically, how the spoons would be situated. I felt that the space was utilised more effectively when the spoons were aligned. I believe this is because the placement appears more deliberate, the objects have been curated and carefully exhibited: there is no accident here.


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