Chelsea Girls


Chelsea Girls was an experimental underground film made in 1966 directed by Andy Warhol and Paul Morrissey. It was shot in the Hotel Chelsea and other locations around New York and follows the lives of the inhabitants of the hotel. The film is presented in split screen and alternates between color and black and white film. Sound was often layered between both screens at the same time. The original cut of the film is around 3 hours although we only watched a segment of the film for the screening.


Personally, I did not particularly enjoy the film. I found it difficult to hear the dialogue and although the point of the film is to simply experience the authentic depiction of these people’s lives, the lack of narrative caused me to simply lose interest. I found it interesting how often the split scenes mirrored each other and how immediately the attention was drawn to the segment of film that had sound playing. I am unsure the significance to this I just know that the dynamic between these two screens were interesting.



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