Things That Matter//Meeting with Kirsten Cooke

On Thursday we met with Kirsten Cooke in regard to our external project “Things That Matter”. She introduced us to her own practice as well as some fundamentals in regard to different styles of spaces that would be beneficial to us to understand. This included commercial galleries and project spaces and also the differences between event based practices and an exhibition. It was interesting to learn the possibilities of display in regards to exhibiting work and the implication of space and environment.

We were introduced to some of the roles in which we would need to assign to create a successful show. These were as follows:

  1. Technician
  2. Project Manager (formed as a group)
  3. Press Officer/Press Marketer
  4. Budget/Financial Officer
  5. Archiver/photographer
  6. Risk Assessment Officer
  7. Installer
  8. Artist Liason

As this is such a fantastic opportunity I feel like it would be a great chance to take on a role such as project manager. As this would be one of a few positions for Project Manager it would also mean I would be able to work as part as a larger team as well as collaboratively with Ellie (within the project) and Hazel (working in the studio this term).

We meet again with Kirsten in week 4 and in the meantime we are to start thinking about the type of work we would like to create as well as the scale, taking into consideration the logistics of taking our work to London, and the topic of our pieces.



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