Hazel’s Pieces

Hazel developed some thread pieces partially inspired by Mark Garry but mostly influenced by Mana Morimoto. She was thinking of alternative ways of incorporating thread into our installation. The imagery Morimoto used and Hazel’s chosen photograph merged with our installation well whilst simultaneously exploring the notions of inter-connectivity between spaces and people.

Here is her initial experimentation and below her final choice of photographs:

Hazel started by poking little holes in the photographs and when illuminated from behind, these tiny trails came to life.
After deliberation, she used these holes as tracks for thread tying the theme of inter-connectivity further in the installation.

Inspiration for Hazel’s Pieces – Mana Morimoto


This is how Hazel’s pieces interact with the space. Personally, I feel that the use of a couple of frames balances out the order and disorder of the collaborative curation. The installation aims to walk this liminal line.



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