Finishing Touches and Projector Placement

Hazel and I came in to the studio play with the placement of the projector and to install Hazel’s work. Hazel’s embellishment of her photographs were framed and hung on the wall which I felt balanced some of the sporadic elements in our installation. They worked well in bridging the gap between Ellie’s patterns and my objects and poetry . The use of thread in these snapshots of people and places tied into our over-arching theme of inter-connectivity and the often unlikely relationships formed between people and places.

Hazel and I then considered the placement of my PowerPoint projection and how a relationship could be formed with the space without disrupting the internal relationships that the rest of the work held with each other. We settled on placing the projector on a plinth – amongst a few objects so that the projector became embedded within our installation – facing the right wall. When playing the PowerPoint, we noticed that a few of my poetry phrases settled on the right hand shelf (sometimes neatly, other times in a distorted manner playing with Ellie’s notion of “Designed Chaos”). We felt this was subtle yet poignant in the relation to the rest of the curation. We enjoyed that in our curatorial collaboration a large amount of our work was understated and held a quiet but strong presence in the space. Whilst the projector, once on, held a command of the focus in the installation, it does not overpower the subtle intricacies of our other works.

What we felt worked particularly well was that the word “dust” had literally collected on one of our shelves.






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