Christine Borland

“Borland’s work is at once repulsive and seductive. She builds layers of psychological complexity, juxtaposing incongruous elements which pervade human sensibility”.

She explores concepts of absence and presence, masculine and feminine, life and death, innocence and guilt. Through her investigative practice she reveals the brutal realities of society and  historical ‘evidence’, which describes and validates the concerning disposition of humanity.

“Borland does not merely expose her findings within the gallery but creates deeply poetic works that reinvest the clinical data she uses with a human dimension.”

What I felt was inspirational to our installation is Borland’s use of collection within the installations. I especially enjoy the fractured nature of the shelf piece pictured below that seem coherent yet remain sporadic. In the same regard, the collaboration piece of the bottom images appear archival yet hold some spontaneity that I hope to include within our installation.



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