Tony Oursler

Tony Oursler work is always rooted in the medium of film, and creates immersive experiences using technologies that take reference from “Victorian light shows, camera obscura and auratic parlour tricks”, but that also look forward to the potential and detriments to a “digitally assisted future of image and identity”.  From performative beginnings, Oursler has developed an ever-evolving multimedia practice incorporating projections, screens, optical devices and sculptures, which has the potential to take form as puppets, talking mechanical hosts or immersive environments. He often explores the opposing yet similarly united themes of science and spirituality which allow him to explore their associated phenomena, employing not just cheap tricks and deception but “playing the role of circus showman and extricating the sham from the shaman”.

 Oursler’s aesthetic reveals “the ghosts in the machine, but the psychological impact of humanity’s headlong dive into cyberspace”.

Oursler’s work provided us with inspiration on how to include multimedia in our installation. His work with projections is particularly interesting as the grotesque faces, included with sound, create a truly immersive experience. We initially thought about projecting some of my poetry pieces onto threads but we are considering other possibilities at this time.


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