Jo Addison

“In Addison’s process-orientated studio practice, familiar objects and motifs are loosened from their bearings in everyday life. The relationship between objects and the body, and of objects to one another, is intrinsic to the haptic and spatial curiosity at the heart of her research. In work that is apparently casually made, the legacy of a paradoxically slow and often repetitive way of making is cautiously disclosed.”

Taken from:

Addison’s work resonated with our group – and with my work particularly- due to its whimsical and subtle nature. The work is not intrusive to the space and the personality of each of the pieces is left to quietly inhabit the gallery. Although there is not an explicit relationship between the objects and the installation space, nevertheless the work appears to come alive.

With my clay sculptures I hope that they similarly inhabit the space, like Addison’s do, and interact with the audience, installation and exhibition. I wish for there to be a quiet strength to these objects that isn’t hindered by their size.



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