Jim Lambie

We felt that the geometric lines of Lambie’s work would work well with Ellie’s pattern work and related also to my electrical tape experimentation. His use of including the space within his installations were also influential to our consideration of space and the conventionality of display.

Jim Lambie’s Work

Lambie takes aspects of modern life and moulds it into sculptural installations. He works with items that are immediately found, as well as objects sourced in second-hand and hardware stores.

Lambie “prioritises sensory pleasure over intellectual response”. He chooses materials that are familiar and possess a personal hold on him. This is in order to track a way into the work as well as a project onto the psychological space beyond.

Lambie’s works are often devised in relation to a space, where they are shaped by decisiosns that have to be made in accordance to each individual space. This enables him to work in tune the parameters of the existing architecture.

Anothe major theme in his practice is the use of vinyl tape in an assortment if colours that are displayed inthe gallery space

The other theme in his practice is using brightly coloured vinyl tape arranged into patterns around the floor of the gallery space, “tracing the shape of the room to reveal the idiosyncrasies of its architecture”. The tape, although everyday, has the ability to transform the space, creating a rhythm that possesses the potential to disorient the viewer, blurring the line between space and artwork.






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