Rope Experimentation

Since retrieving the rope from the Marsden Shed, we felt that we needed to manipulate it and adapt it to fit into our installation. Therefore, as the rope was  misshapen from the movement of the sea, we decided to remove some of the tangled pieces and keep others remaining. This, again, reinforces the themes of inter-connectivity and relationships between the objects and the space and how those change when pieces are kept together or are detached.

As the rope was quite thick and sturdy we had to attack it with a saw.


We then decided to use the cut off pieces of rope as mini objects themselves and refined these with the use of spray paint. We used white to tie in with the colour scheme we already have but are undecided if they are to remain the way they are or to further develop them with more colour. The way the paint clung to the fibers was particularly interesting to me.

We then started planning where Ellie’s pattern drawings shoule be positioned on the wall and decided that these were the drawings we would use:


Here are a few of them displayed on the walls:



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