Making Shelves and Playing with Display

Hazel and I came in on Thursday to build some shelves and fix them onto the wall. Wendy was really helpful in the workshop and helped us make the brackets for the wall and fix them to the bases that we painted. We also used some tools that we previously hadn’t used before and We were very satisfied with the end result. Below is a few pictures of the process of how we made the shelves:


After making the shelves we decided to attach them onto the wall and to keep the brackets we made bare as it tied in with the raw plinth we found as well as not blending in fully with the wall.


After we fastened the shelves on the wall Hazel and I decided to play around with displaying my objects. This really tied the space together whilst the understated nature of the objects gave a tenderness to the space. There is a real relationship between the objects and now that they are involved in the space, the installation, we felt, was much more successful.



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