Clean Slate

We collectively decided that our individual pieces were too disparate and we didn’t really think they meshed together well. We decided that we would paint the wall blank and try and create a sense of cohesion in our work. We realised we simply didn’t love what we were doing and needed a bit of a fresh start.


We decided we needed to collaborate more with our intentions and we needed a clear colour palette when working on the wall. Our previous work acted well for steering us into the right kind of direction but it was too flat and uninvolved with the space. The work we intend to display in an exhibition will be a natural progression from that. What really needs to happen is more communication and a touch more refinement. This is the result of our studio time preparing the space for more work and a better sense of curation.

“Act Natural”



We decided to make some shelves to display some of Ellie’s pattern pieces, Hazel’s photograph pieces, and my small object sculptures. We didn’t want too much order with the shelves so opted to use pieces of wood with differing lengths and widths. We painted the base of the shelves to match the walls. This gave the impression that the walls are breaching their position and invading the space. Ellie had bought some expanding foam to create little spores of things that would be placed in the crevices that surround our space. This is the result of one can of expanding foam, it didn’t quite yield the amount we were expecting so we unsure on how to proceed with it.





Below are some images of the bit of wood we are using as shelves and the process of painting the plinths.


We then decided to go through with our previous idea of creating paint spills on the floor of our installation space, seeping out of the corners and the plinths we developed, in order to create a cohesion within our theme of inter-connectivity.


Paint Spill feat. “The Blob” 2017


We also decided that a passage I have developed for our space is going to be the name of our installation! Hazel developed the banner for us.





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