White Pube

White Pube stemmed from the experiences of the duo when confronted with a formal art review compared to what friends have recommended regarding art shows. They questioned the star rating system that existed in countless reviewed and to what extent they held meaning. White Pube sought to provide more honest reviews, free from academic authority. They replaced the conventional star rating with emojis that changed for each review, making it more personalized while subverting what was deemed as normal. Artist Jesse Darling commented that the review White Pube made regarding her work was:

“not facetious or ironic, this might b the harshest most true review bc @thewhitepube channels somatic currents not jus fuxxin w dyscourse”

Comments such as these are not uncommon for White Pube which depicts just how appreciated and need they are in the art world, almost acting as mediator between artist (through text) and critics themselves. They said that often they do not research the artists before attending exhibitions, nor do they read the text that is so commonly found next to exhibitions and installations, instead they approach the work only through their own interpretation allowing for the most purity of thought.

White Pube began to meet fans or people interested in their work process in what they call “Anti-networking”. This has recently become a way of interacting with their fans as well as breaching the disconnect normally seen between author and reader.

What was especially interesting was the fact that White Pube broke down their expenses and cost of working/travelling to different events and exhibitions. They stated that they are fascinated by money because no one talks about it. This really put into perspective the reality of working as an artist or to something of similar effect.



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