Joey Holder

To start Holder showed us a video where research, images and work were displayed on her website.these, along with screengrabs played throughout the talk. This continual flow mirrored continually transforming nature of Holder’s work. Joey Holder describes herself as a Multimedia artist and the essence of her work acts as a constellatory network.

Holder is influenced by Network theory and Complexity theory which diverge from our mutating reality. Shd focuses in the contrast and entangldment of the Organic and the manmade.

Holder is interested in the systems of language communicated in the world around us. Her work features clips of sea creatures with diagramatic things overlayed to breach the gap between nature and the analytical. What I hadn’t considered is the organisational system that exists within world. The example Holder gave was that our eyes have 100 million detectors in the retina but only 1 million go to brain which is where reduction light patterns happens and  categorisation occurs.

Hydrozoan was birthed from a residency with The Internet of Growing Things which introduced Holder to working with scientists. She began researching new farming methods into the idea of how humanity feels the need to control nature.

Biostat – explores the digitisation of bodies and the collection of data that exists online of peoples’ genetic data. This biological information will, no doubt, have considerable value in the future.

Other influences of Holder science include The Cosmic Serpent DNA, The Origin of Knowledge, Shamanism and molecular biology. 

A Solo show Holder created was a Sci-Fi style medical room. She created things such as a genetic sequencing machine. At one point she considered creating apps analysing genetic data to work alongside this piece. For the show she made up a pharmaceutical company namss Ophiux that had dark untertones, as she mentioned, like the Illuminati. Here, she hoped to comment on the speculation as to what a large company can do under such grand claims that they make.


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