Rosanna McNamara & Laura Prime


Mcnamara and Prime opened with a performance piece that was separated into sections from a speech, to a radio show and finally to a lip sync performance. The first part of the performance focused on humanity and our own lifespan, as well as the afterlife and where our beings go, if anywhere at all. One part from a quote from their initial speech that resonated with me especially was: “….dictated life by the rules set by death.” That our actions in our life are made due to our belief of what happens to us after death, despite the fact this is not necessarily the truth.

During this speech, both McNamara and Prime transformed into their personas by putting on makeup and drawing forked tongues trailing from their mouth to their neck. Ideas of originality were discussed with the example of Frankenstein being remembered as the monster itself, not by Doctor Frankenstein or the fact these characters are created by Mary Shelley.

duality was explored throughout the performance, especially with the motive of the ‘forked tongue’. As they act as a duo and are separately concerned with various topics (“McNamara’s research surrounding cyborgs, lip-syncing, and (dis)embodiment with Prime’s investigations into the hive-mind, homo-Curatus, and our escape from death”)  this motif is prominent and repeated throughout.

the second part of the Artist Talk mimicked a radio show and explored themes of imitation which was displayed through language and through Prime and McNamara imitating the guests that were introduced in the show (simultaneously portraying a sense of irony).

The final part of the performance explored layers of imitation. The song ‘I want Love’ by Elton John was played where Robert Downey Jr. lip synced in the video. Adding to this, McNamara recorded herself on her Mac and Prime performed a live rendition. These layers really delved into what it means to imitate, questioning: how far is too far?



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