Collaboration Meeting

We had our first ‘Creative Meeting’  the other day and we felt that aspects of all our work were successful and that perhaps elements of all three of our works should be included although this could be a hard task to achieve effectively. We particularly enjoyed Ellie’s geometric, layered patterns and I thought Hazel’s clay pieces representing people in her lives added a whimsy and explored aspects of ‘The Self’ that we were so interested in.


From the meeting we thought of the idea of having a mass of something emanating from the corner of a room. We really wanted to expand from the critique from our previous work which commented that we were too precious with our work. In terms of development we wanted to be unrestricted by display and by making something that breached the walls this would be more interesting. During the meeting, Hazel found images on Pinterest that were very similar to what we wanted to explore. Mainly watery designs contrasted by structures, geometric shapes. In addition, we were drawn to colour and were discussing on how we could start with concentrated colour in the corner that gradually dispersed.




We even discussed a mural of some kind that extended across the entirety of the wall but felt that this ‘mass’ would be better to expand upon what we would like to develop from our last project. Below are some of the images Hazel and myself considered:


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