Christmas Project

For our Christmas Project we were paired with a random member of our year and asked to respond to their worked. I was paired with Maria Christou who created a piece of work for the Autumn Assessment commenting on Donald Trump and his successful campaign to become the next President of The United States. Maria is concerned with materiality as well as the instability that will arise due to the election of Trump.



Maria’s Piece

For my piece, I wanted to focus on painting as I have not done any painting for a long time and I felt that this project was appropriate to brush up and experiment again. I decided to paint a map of America, in order to alter the appearance somehow in order to communicate the stability within this country. My initial idea was to slash holes into the canvas and repair them messily in order to suggest that the current state of America is undecided and fragile.

However, from talking to Ciara she suggested that I look at an artists named Paula Scher who uses text in order to create patterns on her map pieces. With this in mind I thought that I could use text on the map to make a political statement.


I decided to include quotes from Donald Trump that were controversial and often offensive. In this way, America is being surrounded by the rhetoric of a man that is impulsive and unstable in his actions and words. The canvas is being smothered and embellished by the words of a tyrant.


Below is how I displayed my piece. Amelia thought her piece was situated next to hers as not only the colours matched each other well, but our pieces were both displaying two very different interpretations of ‘dicks’.


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