Sidsel Meineche Hansen


In the talk, Sidsel Meineche Hansen  introduced us to her work through an eight minute video called ‘Seroquel ®’ which used CGI animation. The video tracked a pill through the body and was cut with scenes of an animated woman in a kitchen etc. The artist briefly described how the piece commented on an ideology of progress and addressed themes such as suicide and the use of anti-depressants. Meineche Hansen commented how this piece addressed the regime of governance that creates a shifting self which is highlighted by the transparency of bodily function: everything is left bare yet constantly altered by this pill. The artist stated that she doesn’t make the animation herself and instead outsources the material.

In the work ‘Eva 3.0’ Meineche Hansan took an appropriated a model of a woman from ‘Turbosquid’ and started using her in her practice.The artists wanted to explore how 3-D objects modified how gender sat in relation to products and commodities and the object and subject status. Sidsel Meineche Hansen also explore virtual reality and showed us a basic ‘game’ which involved the character or ‘you’ that you were playing interacting with Eva 3.0. Meineche Hansen suggested that virtual reality is what happens after Facebook and acts as an extension of the capitalist reality.

Sidsel Meineche Hansen stated she was also interested in the genre of porn and body horror. This is evident in her work ‘No Right Way 2 Cum’ which explores the female ejaculation and the stigma behind it. In the animation the viewer is shown an animation of a woman pleasuring  herself which eventually leads to her ejaculating. The camera is positioned as such that what is ejaculated is aimed at the camera. This piece was considered as an extension of the Eva character thorough the depiction of femininity, sexuality and the place of porn in a virtual world.


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