Andrew Cooper


Andrew Cooper works as a performance artists, protester and teacher. He creates his own platforms for change in his works often incorporating puppets and other props. In a particular piece that he showed us in the talk, he had adapted milk cartons to form puppets, and made them converse about their mortgages; all of the time Cooper himself was covered by a blue pillowcase, removing himself completely from the piece. Cooper works with communist groups to create similar protests, sometimes involving performance, sometimes involving posters and sometimes involving sculptures.

Cooper was particularly affected by how people were unable to afford housing and this theme seems to appear frequently in his work; social injustice resides at the heart if his practice. He is particularly interested in exhibitions that take place on the streets that require an interaction with the public. It appears that as his work focuses on the public itself it is only natural that his work features then prominently.

Throughout the talk Cooper mentioned a lot of theories that I couldn’t fully comprehend yet, as a powerful closing statement he expressed that: ‘it’s so important to be confused’.


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