Liv Wynter


Liv Wynter describes herself a “queer, working-class artist working and living in South London”. She uses spoken word, poetry and rap, Wynter draws out issues of about gender, domestic violence, sexuality and class. During the talk, Wynter performed a few pieces of her spoken word poetry; one of the most raw being ‘Body Apologies’ which tackled issue of domestic abuse as well as self love. The piece was incredibly moving and was spoken with an ‘aggressive vulnerability’  that was incredibly jarring yet simultaneously honest. Another piece that was discussed was entitled ‘Headfuck’ which was Wynter skyping 31 people from her bedroom and performing a spoken word piece. This performance was not free and was not recorded and remained entirely in the moment. Wynter, with ‘Headfuck’ explored sustainability within art and how someone could become untraceable.

Wynter has also tackled the galleries in her work ‘WHEREISANAMENDIETA’ after Carl Andre’s work was shown at the Tate Modern. Her work was used against her in her trial and which spurred Wynter’s anger. As stated online:

‘WHEREISANAMENDIETA is an archiving project which collects the artworks and writings from artists who are female, non binary or people of colour as a retaliation to the erasure of our works and our histories by institutions. It intends to create a platform where people can safely create this work without risking institutional backlash or being blacklisted for political involvement.’

Wynter is not afraid to challenge authority or injustice as she protested the New Comtemporaries for charging artists simply to enter. She also criticised  them for not paying travel and general artist fees as she herself knows the struggles of pursuing an art practice as well a earning enough money for basic necessities to live.

As a self described ‘angry feminist’ Wynter challenges the status quo as shown in her rap battle for the series ‘Don’t Flop’. Wynter pursues ‘Anti-apathy’ and the right to protest. What resonanted with me most was that what matters is that you care enough to try and amend what is wrong and not be stuck following an authority that is far from fair.


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