Assembling the Exhibition – Phase 2

Today we begun finalising the background to our wall by filling in any gaps and sanding away the excess. As the wall itself will feature prominently  in our installation, it was important to us that it looked as professional as possible. Yesterday evening Ellie managed to mark out all of the placements of our boards which enabled Hazel and I in the morning to start to consider the placement of each portrait. We felt that by arranging the paintings/collages in a grid formation, the viewer would be overwhelmed by a grid of faces and would question the similarities between the individual portraits and themselves. In addition, Hazel was able to source and purchase the mirrors we needed for the installation which was integral when considering where each painting/collage piece should be placed. Below are the measurements and calculations we made for the placement of each portrait:



Measurements for Portraits and The Process of Filling Imperfections in The Wall


Experimenting with Layout

In the afternoon we focused on painting the frame that will surround a selection of the portraits. We wanted to keep the frames rather whimsical and playful, channeling the style of Lauren Child, in order to maintain the general style of each collage/painting. As a result, while the frames were often painted as quite ornate and somewhat intricate, the style in which is was painted subverted this opulence, grounding the paintings in its  light-hearted exuberance. As a reference we considered traditional modes of display such as in The National Gallery and how opulent and grand frames were associated with a certain wealth and importance, as if the paintings were elevated in status by the frames in which they were displayed in.

Here are our developments so far:

Some close ups on individual portraits:


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