Painting Gallery Tour

On the Friday of Week 6 we met Wendy and were given a tour around Shoreditch and East London for the day. From 10:30 to around 17:00 we explored a variety of galleries, all of which seemed relatively hidden away. It led me to think about the hidden creativity lurking and residing in the most unusual of places. Each gallery possessed a unique style and seemed to embody a separate character. It was especially interesting to see people who work in the galleries bustle around, contributing to the well-oiled gallery machine. It reminded me that a remarkable amount of effort goes on behind the scenes contrasting to the outward appearance of effortlessness that each gallery portrays.

Below is the schedule of the day:


Throughout the tour we experienced a variety of different styles that each artist expressed in their work. Some were extremely neat and others were more expressive. The use of layers and other media featured prominently as well as the use of/or lack of colour. The inclusion of media and other methods other than painting was particularly interesting. As a group we truly did experience a breadth of creative styles. I will include images from the day to help visualise my observations.

Njideka Akunyili Crosby by far was my favourite artist whose work we experienced in Victoria Miro. In fact, Victoria Miro was my favourite gallery space as well. I felt this was mainly due to the use of space and the incredibly open feel to the gallery itself. It really gave me space to think and really take in the visuals of the art.¬†Njideka Akunyili Crosby’s work incorporated fabrics and photographic transfers in her work that seem to comment on her Nigerian Heritage. The work itself felt incredibly personal and domestic in the sense that the viewer was almost invited to looks at the private households of the figures depicted in each work. What resonated with me was the intricate and precise layering of each piece; to the extent that I couldn’t decipher what layer was placed first.


At the Carl Freedman Gallery we were very lucky that we were given a talk about working in a gallery and the functions and procedures in gathering new artists for shows etc. It was interesting to discover that, more often than not, artists are referred to galleries by other artists. In this way, it is imperative that artists attend regular shows in order to network and create connections in the art world. The talk was very informative as well as the entire day as a whole. It really broadened my knowledge of the art/gallery world and to what I could achieve in the future with a little hard work and creativity.


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