Experimenting with Display

When thinking about displaying our work we initially decided to exhibit the portraits in a grid like formation on the wall. We felt this gave a sense of order to our work that contrasted well to the playful and erratic nature of our pieces, while also tying in the traditional mode of display for portraits. Below is our initial placement of a few completed boards:

Our Initial Experimentation

Whilst we felt that the display of the boards worked well and the spacing between them was successful in its composition, we felt that we were not ‘owning’ our space and that our installation might by lost in within the exhibition. Something was needed in order to inject a sense of energy and further playfulness that we had captured within the portraits themselves. After talking with our studio group it was suggested that we paint the wall to achieve this goal. As many of our pieces included cool purple/blue tones, we felt that a blue would work well to compliment and contrast our works. In addition, to really invigorate the installation we decided to chose an orange and pink shade to paint a frame around some of the boards once they are installed in on the wall. In this way, the traditions of framing portraiture in ornate frames is subverted, again tying in with our playful personas depicted in the boards.


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