Collaborative Project – The Self

For our Autumn Assessment Ellie Slaney, Hazel Lewis-Farley and I decided to work collaboratively as we were all interested in ‘The Self’ and decided to pursue this theme and build up a body of work for the Autumn Exhibition. Specifically, we decided to focus on the theme of perception: our perception of ourselves and the perception we hold of others. Β John Locke states that our identity is a culmination of the 5 people we spend the most amount of time with. In addition, Β there is a theory that each person has three separate selves, a self with our family, a self with our friends and a very private and concealed self.We decided to aim our project towards portraiture and started experimenting with continuous line and blind drawings. In this way, our drawings were wholly influenced by what we could see rather than guided by what we knew to be correct or ‘in place’. Our drawings became somewhat abstract yet from certain features it was relatively easy to see who was who such as by what we were wearing or if we were wearing glasses etc. We decided to copy these images on a photocopier to enlarge/reduce them in order to maintain the integrity of the drawings. Because of this, we were then able to cut into the copies to rearrange and construct new identities using parts of each drawings.


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