Judith Supine

Ellie recommended Supine to us as she was particularly interested in his mark-making within his work. The assembling of his compositions is reminiscent of our group’s distorted faces in our own portraits although the mediums in which we work are slightly different. Supine implements cheap paints, glue sticks and pornographic magazine clippings to construct his images. It has been said that Supine was unable to talk until the age of 17 and these images acted as a form of communication for the artist. It is interesting to me that these works encapsulate the thoughts of someone who is/was unable to communicate verbally. In this way, Supine has helped me question if our thoughts and intentions are made clear as well as how one part of our lives can so massively influence our practice. It will be interesting to see our own visual language, like Supine’s, be displayed in a non-verbal context.







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