Hannah Höch

Hannah Höch is one of the artists Ellie, Hazel and I have been influenced by for our ‘Self’ installation (name to be determined). We were recommended Höch as she explores identity and gender through theme and medium and is well known for her intricate and, often satirical, collage pieces. Critical of Wiemar’s ‘New Woman’ Höch pioneered the photomontage and commented on identity and selfhood – similar to what we hope to achieve with out collaborative project. Although Höch seems to focus on the feminine aspects of identity, the overall outcome of of her piece resonate with the group due to her subversion of the ‘face’ and what is to be expected of identity.

Personally, I find Höch’s fascinating due to the juxtaposition in the work itself. Although her pieces are relatively minimalist in describing features, there’s a quality that is incredibly intricate and endearing. Whilst the appearance if these features appears grotesque, they are unmistakably a face.







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