Annette Messager

Annette Messager is a french painter, sculptor and photographer who draws upon everyday life, often using found objects as well as performance pieces to comment on the accepted perception of women. Messager has commented on her interest in ‘outsider’ art including the work if children’s artists and amateur artists. As significant to her practice is the consideration of materials and techniques of women artists. Messager creates an illusion of being within her work as her pieces often depict something animal,  something human or something altogether monstrous. It appears that Messager translates the complexity of life in her installations as well as the superstitions and vanities that underpin it. As a whole, the body remains central to Messager’s practice while identity is destabilised.

While Messager comments on identity through her work, as a group we decided to focus on her mode of display and, more specifically, her use of frames. Messager’s work seems to inhabit a liminal space between chaos and order through her erratic body of work yet ordered display. Therefore, the way in which the work is exhibited adds to the overall message of the pieces. Personally, I feel that this is integral to our practice as our own perceptions extend not only to the work itself but how we view and ‘see’ the work in the context of display. As the perception of identity is our main theme, it is only natural that this perception extends towards the installation in its entirety.


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