Quilt Artists Influences

Grayson Perry

Perry uses a variety of classical medium such as ceramics, bronze, prints, cast iron and tapestry. Often, his work comments on social/political themes which is something we felt we could eventually develop within our quilt. Wit and nostalgia are frequently present and through his tapestries – normally associated with grand houses –  he is able to elevate the the dramas of modern life. This juxtaposition is something we wish to infuse in our own piece by displaying the quilt as something other than comforting. For Perry, emotional investment is imperative as “An emotional charge is what draws [him] to a subject” and therefore, we believe that it should be present that someones life has been affected by their imprisonment.


Expulsion from Number 8 Eden Close


The Adoration of the Cage Fighters 2012


The Agony in the Car Park 2012


The Annunciation of the Virgin Deal 2012

Grayson Perry, The Walthamstow Tapestry (2009)

The Walthamstow Tapestry 2009


you could lay it out for a national picnic

Robert Rauschenberg 

Rauschenberg’s “Bed” influenced us immensely especially considering that he used found objects to construct his work and essentially used the pillow and blanket as his canvas. It has been said that the bedding itself belonged to Rauschenberg which makes the work itself a relic of his own life, similarly as the blanket is an artificial relic of a prisoners experience in prison.


Bed 1955

Tracy Emin

Emin’s “My Bed” reveals an intimacy which aims to engage the viewer with universal emotions which establishes an “intimacy with the viewer”. This sharing of the personal space humanises the art which is a theme we wish to include in our quilt installation.

My Bed - Tracy Emin 1998.jpg

My Bed 1998


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