Summer Project

Over the summer we were given the task of researching an artists from a list provided for us and creating work in response to their processes, practices, themes etc. I decided to focus my work on Rosemarie Trockel as I related to her use of deconstructing the meaning of materials in her work in order to question the art industry’s perceptions. I also thought that I could also expand my use of materials by studying her work

After researching the artist I drew some preliminary sketches based around the theme of femininity.


Based on my research I decided I would work with wool and create “tapestry” basing my themes on Trockel’s subversion of materials. I intended to demonstrate that wool shouldn’t be gendered or viewed as being solely a feminine material.  Therefore, I decided to embellish the wool with both masculine and feminine icons/symbols. The act of felting (the process I used) itself has both masculine and feminine actions: washing and binding the felt, stabbing and securing the the felt in place. Therefore I felt that this method encapsulates the sense of equality I was hoping to achieve, and that material shouldn’t play a part in determining what is or isn’t masculine/feminine. Material is simply a method to communicate ideas and themes.

Separate Patches of the “Tapestry”

Patches in Position for Sewing

In terms of display, I simply decided to hammer nails through the “Tapestry” to maintain  the theme of masculine/feminine stereotypes through material.




Final Display

















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