Developing Ideas for Collaborative Project

Hazel, Ellie and I were paired up to complete our first project as we all wanted to develop and explore textiles in our work. Our collaborative project, we felt, should relate to the experiences of the prisoners as the prison itself was once home to a variety of prisoners in the past and most recently, before its closure, young offenders. Although the exhibition provided a variety of inspiration, the space itself is what interested us and the relics left behind by those prisoners within the institution.


Our Initial Ideas

We eventually decided to create a quilt or blanket made out of uncomfortable or disregarded materials. Our intention was to demonstrate that while the prison may be a home to these people, it is a home nobody really wants. We wanted to subvert the norm associated by quilts, being comforting and homely and often made with love,  in order to depict the oppressive and unwelcoming nature of prison life.


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