Creating the Quilt

We started with a chicken wire base as we felt that it is malleable enough to manipulate into any position we would need when the time came to display. We went into town and gathered materials most of which came from a charity shop to emphasize that these materials were disregarded just as the people being held in prison were from society. We acquired some socks and wore them around town in order to dirty them up. We intended to find materials that were uncomfortable or ironic in order to subvert the “proper” usage of a blanket/quilt. Our main materials included:

  • Scratchy wool
  • Hessian
  • Chicken wire
  • Dirtied socks
  • Bin liners
  • Welcome home mat
  • Materials from a charity shop including old skirts and old handkerchiefs/tea towels
  • Brillo pads/steel wool
  • Toothpaste (prisoners used this to fasten things to the walls)

From these materials we began fastening and assembling the patches we cut out of the materials we gathered. We had no sort of organised pattern, but decided randomly were to position the patches. We were also inspired by the ย the brown boxes of the prison, many of which had prisoners had carved ย quotes or sayings often relating to their own experiences in the prison.

Plan for Quilt

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