Sketches for Sculpture

I started considering the overall composition of my sculpture and began experimenting with watercolour. Although this was solely developmental, it helped to secure my thoughts around the message I wanted to convey.

I was still undecided where to situate my sculpture e.g on the floor, plinth, wall etc but I seem to be more drawn to a hanging display over some body of water, or the origami sculptures submerged  within water.


This sketch I feel can be developed further than the one to succeeding it as I feel that the number of origami sculptures can fully express the contrast between elegance and power as discussed in the previous blog post. As it is suspended it would also provide a “living” quality to the work.


While I feel that the mark making of this sketch is more interesting than the previous development, by having only one sculpture in water would mean that my sculpture is likely to be lost to the rest of the exhibition.


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