Sculpture – Feedback

Since speaking with the group regarding my sculpture, I have decided to revise my previous sculpture fragment concept since hearing feedback. I spoke to the group about my idea and how, on some level, I thought my idea was quite understated and lacking any real direction.

Talking to the group helped steer my sculpture to another direction which I feel is far more promising than my previous idea. I still feel the elemental side to my sculpture is a path that could be successful, but instead of limiting my sculpture to just that, I hope to use my origami sculpture and the fire to comment on book censorship. If the origami cranes were constructed out of previously censored books/texts, if hung, this would give them a new sense of freedom that was previously withheld. Instead of using colour to represent fire I would also set fire and burn some of the cranes, giving them a sense that confinement and restriction can be overcome despite suppression.

I hope to also take whole texts of these books and burn them underneath the suspended origami strands. In this way the cranes find life out of death whilst the previous suppression of expression is still present in my piece. By having the entire sculpture ranging from ceiling to floor, my sculpture will also have the sense of power and strength that I wanted to invoke alongside the delicate and elegant nature of the origami and thread.


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