Developing Ideas – Sculpture

Developing from the Impossible Sculpture task, I began considering what my “Fragment” could be that would encapsulate my initial ideas. I started considering using water or things that could represent the nature of water in order to convey the temporary/destructive nature of my initial idea. I felt certain that I would use the origami theme, and more specifically, origami cranes or swans as they represent longevity in life as well as the more conventional interpretation of freedom. This paired with the cleansing and life-giving association with water, instead being used to destroy, subverts the traditional interpretation of water.

I began by constructing origami figures to explore the physical attributes of the structure and what could be used to convey my idea while still keeping the structural integrity of the paper.


Initial Origami Crane

The initial crane gave me with a good starting point to develop my ideas and I began to experiment with ink in able to convey the water aspect of my sculpture.



As a starting point, I found this successful in conveying the theme I was hoping, although, instead of disintegrating I have the impression that the cranes/swans seem to be overcoming the water. I then started thinking about other material to convey water, such as a resin or glue.I began by dripping PVA over the individual origami cranes.


Origami Crane with Glue and Ink

Throughout this process, I had accumulated a growing number of Origami Cranes. From this collection I began to think how number/mass could affect the sculpture. As my experimentation has been rather dainty, I feel that the mass could overcome this delicate feeling. Therefore I began to think how material could contrast the theme and convey power in number, overcoming the delicate paper and water.

I felt that more development of idea is needed for me to progress. The experimentation of form and material has aided in the development of my “Fragment” as I had decided that mass and number should play a part of my piece to combat the delicate and feminine nature of the fragment so far. I feel that by doing that I would be placed outside of my comfort zone which would make my work far more exciting.


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