Sculpture – Developing Ideas

Following from our introduction to our next sculpture project, I began developing ideas with the artist Claes Oldenburg in mind. Whilst I knew that our sculpture could be anything we desired, I enjoyed his whimsical style of work and began using his creations as a starting point. I then began to branch off into my own ideas, yet they still seem reminiscent of Oldenburg’s work. I will perhaps adapt this as the sculpture is actualised.


This design was rather simple, it all stemmed with the basic idea of putting hats on buildings. However, I had two main ideas of what this could represent. I initially thought about putting hats and accessories on buildings that portray the buildings themselves e.g a top hat on a business building or a farmers cap on a barn etc. Inverting this idea, I could represent this completely differently instead putting hats on buildings that people would not associate them with. So instead of a top hat on a business/corporate building, the farmers cap would be placed on it and vice versa. I felt this challenged people’s perceptions of class and how everyone in general categorises people in accordance to their appearance.


For this idea, I intended to create an enormous origami sculpture of some sort of animal (In the sketch I was experimenting with the idea of shape and form) and place it in some body of water such as the Thames. As the sculpture is made out of paper, this would degrade over time and disintegrate. My intention was to create a temporary sculpture that highlighted the frailty of nature and the Earth itself. As long as the sculpture was placed in water,its days are numbered similar to the impact of global warming and global sea levels. This is the design I chose to develop into a tangible sculpture.

As we were later asked to only create a fragment of our sculpture that we have developed through our sketches, it would be difficult to replicate my sculpture exactly, instead I would need to assess my design and create something that encapsulates it thematically. This is what would prove most difficult, yet I feel that through experimentation I could create something successful and thought provoking.


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