Sculpture – Claes Oldenburg

Inspired by Claes Oldenburg, we were asked to imagine an ‘Impossible Sculpture’ and design some preliminary sketches to present to our group for the following week. These sculptures could be as bizarre as we wanted to allowing complete creative freedom to realise whatever our mind came up with. Some of Claes Oldenburg’s sculptures are as followed:

Spoonbridge and Cherry – 1985

Pool Balls – 1977

Torn Notebook – 1996

Oldenburg’s work were an exceptional starting point for our own designs as it enabled us to realise that anything could be a potential sculpture or installation: there really are no boundaries. In some ways this was daunting as our imagination were not limited in any way and therefore we had no borders to reign in our ideas. Oldenburg’s whimsical sculptures resonated with me and I to create a similarly playful sculpture myself. However, this stance may change over time as I develop my own sculptural style.

( All images taken from


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