Film Project – Location Exploration

Church near Purple Turtle

We felt that by including the church and the surrounding area, it would help with the overall sinister atmosphere we want to convey.

Approaching the Purple Turtle, we thought of possible shots we could include and the logistics of approaching the bar itself when filming.

When facing the Purple Turtle, again, we were experimenting with the shots we could include as well as how the lighting affects the overall mood of the shot. We especially thought the the silhouette of a figure was especially effective in evoking the feeling of ambiguity and anonymity we required, whilst the purple lighting added to the ethereal atmosphere.

We then began by exploring possible camera angles for our theme and thought about the inclusion of the general public within our film. The narrative is not concrete at this point, but we have focused on exploring the idea of having a Gothic-like figure interacting in the bar yet remaining distant from the other customers. This figure merely observes these people creating an unsettling aura that will translate to the audience. By including shots from the graveyard this gives the impression that this figure is otherworldly.


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