Film Project – Initial Ideas

For our next assignment we have been asked to create a short film – at a maximum of 4 minutes – to be finished at the start of February. This film will be implementing various different shots and techniques synonymous to film production.

In our first session we organised ourselves into our assigned groups and began brainstorming ideas. As this discussion followed our lecture we began by discussing possible themes to follow.  We felt that as the time frame of 4 minutes was fairly short, a rich narrative would not be plausible. Instead we decided on an ambiguous story with a sparse dialogue as that would be more appropriate.

After discussing possible ideas, we settled on a location to explore. This location is the Purple Turtle in Reading town center as the atmosphere was incredibly rich which would translate well with our theme. The theme we settled has ample amounts of contrast. We wanted an ambiguous feeling as to whether the film was set in this time or not. From this, we plan to take a Gothic direction. As the Purple Turtle faces a church and graveyard, this also amplifies the sinister and tense atmosphere we are hoping to portray.

We felt that the inclusion of “Point of View”  shots would add to the intrigue and ambiguity that we wanted to portray. We then drew knowledge from our own experience with films and shots/features that we felt would work well with our initial idea. These were:

  • Hunger
  • Gone Girl
  • Last Year in Marianbad
  • Movern Callar
  • The Silence of the Lambs
  • Under the Skin
  • Walkabout

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