Reading Objects, Writing Images – Autumn Assessment

Throughout this term, we have been exploring various methods of mark making and drawing methods. This 10 week process has allowed for a strong development of our previous skills and the creation of skills we previously did not possess. Various methods included: drawing with abnormal tools (such as sticks and string), drawing with restriction (such as with our non dominant hand or with our feet) and subverting the overall image ( by taking some aspect pf the composition that made it legible and twisting it.

Our assessment was focused on one aspect of the 10 week development process as well as the more recent development: combining drawing with text and how they both inform each other. The following are my submitted pieces.

For the first image I wanted to incorporate different mark making tools as well as techniques. I incorporated pen as well as oil pastels to contrast the concise nature of the pen and the rough texture of the pastel. The graphic nature of the shading (I feel reminiscent of illustration) also juxtaposes the more jagged and free nature of the pastel. By using red I wanted to draw attention to the centre of the piece as I felt without it, it would be lost.

The second image is mainly based around consumerism focused primarily on magazines.  I cut out interesting font, phrases and images to start as a basis. I then began by drawing these designs in biro. By sticking to black pen it gave a lifeless impression as if consumerism and consumer culture is sucking the life out of the reader/public. By repeating the pattern it gave a dogmatic and authoritarian aura, as well as an almost dictatorial presence.

Initial design (later developed):




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