Painting Process




I started by painting the background a bright magenta, then working into the composition with darker shades from a black to a purple in varying gradients. I chose this purple as I felt it really brought the background alive, where normally the foreground would be the main focus.


Initially I was going to paint the “Table” to be flatter; however, through the continuation of a similar style of painting, I felt that the composition became more unified. I adapted similar purple tones throughout the sandy tones of the surface in order to draw on this further.


This is the completed composition . I decided not to blend the colours within the objects – not only to create a contrast – but to also highlight that despite the objects representing the colour, that is not all that colour inhabits. Colour cannot be contained and described as a singular thing. Rather, colour has endless possibilities and similes and metaphors that can represent them. Conclusively, these names do not define them.


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