Initial Ideas and Designs


I began by thinking about overall themes or compositions I could potentially explore. I had trouble deciding whether to go down an abstract or more realistic route as I wanted to push myself thematically yet still hold some essence of myself within the painting. I started to order my thoughts through a  Mind-Map:



I then began experimenting with colour and subconsciously started forming sky-like patterns by layering acrylic paint using different colours and tones. I then began deconstructing the colours and separating them in a colour chart format (although less structured). This gave me a variation of what I could potentially achieve with the colour itself and the forms – or lack of form –  they can create.

Colour Exploration

Following this, I developed some preliminary sketches that could form the skeleton of my composition. They seemed to revolve around more abstract concepts such as colour charts and the general presentation of colour. However, they do vary in the approach of how to depict these colours. For Example, whether they should be ordered or more chaotic.

Preliminary Sketches 1
Preliminary Sketches 2


I then moved on to developing my Final Composition. I decided to focus on a still life composition but implementing the described objects as a focal point. Therefore, I kept fairly close to the text given to me.


Composition 1

Due to the poem I was given having an abundance of objects describing the colours, often using rich imagery, I decided to form a still life banquet scene that could display the objects decadently. The colours I have experimented with are varied but often deep giving an aura of luxury and wealth.

Composition 2

This composition is similar in concept but uses less objects to convey the scene. The colours are also very similar.

Final Composition Design

This is the composition I decided to paint. I felt that by using these objects that they had a hidden meaning or story that could be interpreted in varying ways. The items appear personal yet generic at the same time which allows for the viewer to imprint their own meaning. The colours are very similar to the previous compositions and still instill an aura of decadence and richness. I have experimented slightly with mixing at the bottom in preparation to paint.


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