Conceptual Art Description

For our third assignment we were asked to describe an artwork that we had never seen before.  This art could be anything that we imagined and as varied as we wanted. The piece was also not restricted by medium as we were informed that it could take whatever form such as a painting, installation or performance piece. Mine is as follows:

“The piece is small and painted on canvas using oils. A girl is situated to the left of the canvas sitting with her back to the viewer. Long, curly hair tumbles down her back fastened loosely with a red silk bow. Her head is tilted to the right, to form a profile view. Her features are soft and mostly rounded and curved – with her eyes closed- and she smiles enigmatically at some unknown subject. She wears a pure white dress reminiscent of the Victorian era although it is unfastened so the form of her back is displayed suggesting she does not abide by conventional norms. Where she sits the rich brocade of fabric, that forms her skirt, crumples as it folds messily with her on the floor. A bow similar to what she wears in her hair is situated at the bottom of this dress and draws attention to the bottom left of the composition. The colour such as red insinuates a feeling of passion – or more gruesomely, blood –  yet juxtaposes the virginal connotations of white heightened by their close proximity. This confusion is reiterated by the rather macabre feature of a skull that the girl delicately holds in her right hand. Although her eyes are closed it appears to be staring right at her. This morbid theme is further extended by the black background that gradually fades to a melancholic grey the further down the composition. It appears that the painting seems to lament the fleeting nature of life, and in extension, beauty. Although the colours and the features of the painting seem to mourn, the smile on the girl hints at a peaceful acceptance at this universal truth.”


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